Aaaand now that I got my RL sorted out, I want to go back to rolling fun fridays! (and inviting slackers to 'em). Buuut, this friday and weekend, I'm going to invite folks not to a fun friday, but to -help me- gather intel usable for future events.

Specifically, it's about ground installations: If we're to arrange 'multiplayer base assaults' or the like, we'll need more info on usable installations in the chona sphere along with their security levels  ( can save planetary settlements, if you fill them out manually, but not security levels) and if any happen to be anarchy-managed

It would be neat to have a large, high security settlement that doesn't give out bounties when you cause trouble, hm?

So this friday evening on the 23rd, I'll have prepared some fancy googledoc and will invite folks to help me to fill it up!  Scouts, pathfinders and eddb maniacs please show up!  

Maracek I should be able to join on Friday, missus permitting. :)

RNGods to the Rescue

Maracek posted Wed at 13:34

Smoot Station, Chona | Sources from deep inside the Black Hand of Jaaka have revealed that the ostracized group, neo-feudalists with ties to Senator Zemina Torval, has resorted to praying to their gods for deliverance in their self-proclaimed war with factions supporting Princess Aisling.

In a leak of documents revealed to Aisling's Angels by anonymous sources, Black Hand members pray to their "Frontier Gods" to deliver them from a non-existent method by which enemies of the cult can hurt them by sitting in front of their stations and be accused of crimes by System Authority vessels. How this would assist their foes remains unclear.

This is, perhaps, not surprising, given the Black Hand's recent changes of fortune. In the span of only a few months, the Black Hand's hate-oriented rhetoric has served only to alienate them from those Imperial citizens whom they formerly governed, as more systems slip from their control. Political analysts believe that these documents add to the body of evidence indicating growing desperation on the part of the former rulers of Jaaka.

Senior Executive Joan Underwood, Crimson Power Company adminstrator charged with governing Jaaka, said when approached for comment, "The Black Hand of Jaaka has gone from being an authoritarian presence in every Jaakanite's life to a complete joke, whiling away their hours drinking rotgut in back alleys and railing against Aisling's Angels as the cause of their woes. It's sad, really, but one would hope that those who support them will soon see them for the crackpots they are."

The Black Hand of Jaaka is a neo-feudal minor faction, backed by allies of Ms. Torval, an outspoken advocate of the Imperial slave trade. Their base of operations is Anderson Port in Jaaka. Access to the leaked documents can be obtained via